Remote Control Robots Review

We know why you're here. It's because you believe science fiction isn't just for books and movies. It's for everyday life. And if you love techie gadgets that push engineers to the limits, simplify life for consumers and make you smile, you need a remote control robot. RC robots aren't age specific either. There are simple, slobberproof robots designed for young children, Erector robots for kids to construct, gadget-packed humanoids for adults – even flowery, feminine robots meant to appeal to girls. In other words, there's futuristic, high-tech for everyone.

Remote Control Robots: What to Look For

Look for a robot that suits the recipient. If you're buying a gift for a young child, find one that engages kids with bright colors, amusing noises and stimulating movements. Recognizable characters make great toy robots. Build quality is important for any electronic device, especially one that has active components and computerized movements. Also, look for an electric robot that offers intuitive controls, including easy-to-use voice commands and precise remote controls. With the selection of robots that do everything from replacing your webcam to telling jokes, you should be able to find one that speaks to you. Here is a general list of features we were looking for in the best RC robots:

Remote control robots can perform a wide array of functions. Some will simply follow your remote control commands, whereas others can interact autonomously with their environments. Some RC robots come pre-programmed with the ability to perform kung fu, and others can turn on televisions via infrared eyes. The best thing about robots is that if you can imagine it, there’s likely something out there that can do it.

Remote control robots are a bit more complex to control than some other devices. There are more moving parts on these devices in most cases, as well as more actions for them to perform. But the best robots are those that you can control hands-free. Voice controlled robots are becoming more and more popular, and we've included a few of the better robots with this feature in our lineup.

All the robots we recommend are mobile, but they each have a very different way of moving. Toy-grade devices have fewer moving parts and less complex movements whereas some of the high-end humanoids can dance, throw, walk and jump. Wheels are a less interesting way to get around, but then it's also a quicker way to cover more distance. One thing is for sure: Your robot will have its own unique way of rolling, crawling, walking and otherwise moving around on a variety of surfaces.

Age Range
Remote control robots are made for all ages, though many of them are for children at least 8 years in age. However, with today’s computer-savvy youth, many kids should be able to operate complex robots at even earlier ages. While age requirements are merely suggestions, it is important to note that some robots aren’t suitable for very young children due to choking hazards.

Advancing more every year, RC robots are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly lifelike. For kids who love interactive toys and for adults who haven't forgotten how to be kids, a remote control robot provides hours of entertainment and even makes like easier.